Recording Forensic Interviews, Part 1

Recording Forensic Interviews, Part 1
Photo by Max Kleinen / Unsplash

There are pros and cons to recording your forensic interviews. This is not a post about those pros and cons.

If you have decided to record an interview, you might face many possible challenges. One that a frequently hit is that I am forced to conduct the interview through glass.

My usual approach to audio recording is to use the Zoom H6. It's rugged, takes standard AA batteries, and accepts standard miniSD cards.

Zoom H6 Handy Recorder

While thinking about this problem, I wondered if a contact microphone against glass might help. I emailed a few people who make hand-make custom contact mics. Michael Krzyzaniak PhD, who makes cool musical robots, was kind enough to not only email me back but also set up a demonstration.

I heard back from a couple of other people, and I will try a few different mics and report back on the best options.

If you need no further convincing, here's the link to buy the mic in the video:

Disclosures: None. I have no affiliation with (and receive no commission from) Dr. Krzyzaniak.