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Forensic Psychiatry

List of Experts

List of Experts

Andrew Nanton, MD

Boarded in General, Child & Adolescent, and Forensic Psychiatry, as well as Addiction Medicine. In addition to assessment of competency and criminal responsibilty, Dr. Nanton also performs assessments related to cybercrime and cyberbullying. Dr. Nanton is based near Portand, Oregon.

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Alan Newman, MD

Dr. Newman is the Chair of Psychiatry at Sutter Pacific. His broad expertise includes criminal assessment and malpractice / suicide.


Karl Mobbs, MD

Dr. Mobbs is board certified in Forensic and General Psychiatry. He has extensive experience in criminal competency and insanity evaluations, in both the state and federal judicial systems. He specializes in complex medical and neuroscience related aspects of forensic work. In addition to general forensic work he also completes second opinions on psychiatric diagnosis and has extensive experience addressing sentence mitigation. He has a keen interest in teaching and is available for selected workshops. Dr. Mobbs resides in Portand, Oregon.

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